Top three sex positions to try if your partner has a foot fetish

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Sex and fetishes are two inseparable concepts. If you want to enjoy sex better than usual, you must explore your fetish and know your kinks. If by now, you do not understand those sexual acts that gratify your intents when having sex, it means you haven’t taken enough time to explore your body. To understand your fetishes, you must be willing to explore all there is about your sexual orientation, which could be achieved by consuming free porn videos from reputable porn sites. 

One of the most rampant forms of fetish is the foot fetish. A handful of ladies are such that they have a foot fetish, and the more you have sex with them, the more they want their feet massaged and their fetish explored. So, if you have a partner with a foot fetish, you need to understand the various sexual positions to make her enjoy both the sex and the fetish simultaneously. Some of these positions are such that you can have sex and massage her foot simultaneously without having to leave and concentrate on the other. Doing both simultaneously will help her achieve orgasm faster than usual. 

Here are some of the top three positions to take in the other to explore the foot fetish better; 

  • Classical missionary:

The classical missionary position sees the woman lying on her back while the man is exposed to her crotch area. This position opens the lady up, and her vagina becomes visible to the man. Her legs, however, are raised high such that she could have them placed on the man’s shoulder. With the legs supported by the man’s shoulder, he has the opportunity to both enjoy penetrating sex and worship the feet. 

  • Platform 69:

This position is no different from the traditional 69 sex position that features the lady giving a blow job while the man, instead of eating the pussy, now massages the foot. So, instead of the traditional eating and blowing of private parts, the man worships the foot while the lady sticks to the blow-job. In this way, both are inversely positioned while the man lies on his back. 

  • T- strapped position:

From the name, this position features both partners involved in a T-shaped position. You both lie on the side, but the lady maintains a perpendicular position to the man, making the T shape. With this position, the knee is bent so that the feet rest up on his face while he does the penetration simultaneously. This position is common in most free porn video clips on porn sites. You should give it a try!