Chatting with women, the best practice

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Chatting with women, the best practice

I hope so.

This thing is . . .


You’re hesitating. Often. Always. Again and again.

You never dare. You’re hesitating. You’re scared. You let go of opportunities for madness… You let girls of a folie beauty go.

But I repeat, it is not your fault.

I was in your shoes. Everyone was in your shoes.

And you know what? This is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s good that you’ve gone through this. If you don’t know the bitter taste of Frustration, you’ll never be successful in life.

In the Dark Knight trilogy (Batman), we learn: “Why do we fall, Mr. Wayne? It’s to learn how to get up.”

And that’s exactly what’s happening in the world of seduction. You’re hesitating. You’re frustrated. You want that to change. The proof, you are here with us on and I can tell you that your life is about to change.

For good.

The reality is that…

Knowing how to talk to women is an art… an art you MUST master if you want to date the most beautiful girls

Because you deserve it. Then, you can chat with a woman online if you want and I advise you to test your semantics online in private chatrooms of camgirl websites.

If you master the techniques of conversation and sexualization, you will never have problems approaching and seduce the women you like. It’s automatic.

You see a girl you like, you approach her, you discuss… YOU START UP THE MACHINE: Full of talking topics, and like a butterfly, you jump from subject to subject until the young lady shows an interest in you… BOOOOM! It’s over.

That’s the game. The Game. Seduction.

Imagine with me for two seconds the following situations:

You approach a very pretty girl and you know EXACTLY what to say to talk to her and create conversation… most importantly, you know EXACTLY what to do if a blank or white conversation appears.

Imagine if you were ALWAYS inspired to sexualize and find interesting conversational topics that make you an interesting and charismatic man. Imagine if you knew how to take your gears to the next level by subtlety picking up a kiss with this girl who cracks your underpants. Imagine if you knew WHEN and HOW to kiss her WITHOUT having that fear of rejection.