Approaching a Transwoman for Dating! – A Perfect Guide

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Approaching a Transwoman for Dating! – A Perfect Guide

It is absolutely normal for a straight man to get attracted to a Transwoman, but it is not that simple to get into the pants. Though the way you approach can be similar and universal, it is sensitive and you should never mess things up. Yes, there lies the snag; anyone would completely go mad if you keep on judging and asking them some random uncomfortable questions. So, here is a complete guide to help you out to approach a Trans woman for a date or a hookup. Remember shemale dating is not a piece of cake.

Respect them and don’t be desperate

There is no specific way to identify a transgender person, most of them tend to have female appearance through surgeries but some don’t. So, it is a clear point that dating a Transwoman is beyond the looks and the surgical breast. Firstly, you need to respect them for their decisions and accept them the way they are.

Stay normal and treat normal

Of course, you saw it right, you have to act normal. Being a straight guy and that too if you are a newbie, you need to be extra careful. You cannot approach someone having multiple judgemental thoughts running in your mind. Remember, she knows her body than you do. It’s her choice to be in what sexuality she has to be. So never even intend to ask a weird freaky question that would turn them off. 

Get to know your date 

It is very much prominent to ask their fetish. Don’t be hesitant to ask where they want you to touch, whether on the breast or the genitals and what satisfies them. Not every Ciswoman wants you to touch their genitals. But you have to satisfy them until they squirt sperms. You have to make them comfortable on a bed but in a respectful way. Most importantly know how a Trans penis looks like, it is the same texture of skin you have, but the ending has a clitoris. 

Educate yourself enough 

Obviously, you need to that, but defiantly not through porn. Porn is always overrated and cliché. Not everything you see in the video will hit reality. You have to do your research to know what it is like to have sex with a Transwoman. With Tranny Dating Apps, you can experience sex with them for real. But again, the procedures and techniques are different from the normal mainstream sex. Before getting into any intimate situation, research and get to know how to have safe and comfortable sex with your partner. 

Dating or hooking up with a Transwoman is no big deal unless you are genuinely into it. Since it is not just a matter of sex but a lot of gender respect involves. We all have the curiosity and keen towards the Trans sex but at the same time, we all miss the chance to realize that it is creepy to flaunt our thoughts. Knowing from their body parts and to getting on the bed you need to know what your partner actually wants. You should be in a position to satisfy and know how to have safe sex.